Ovulation Induction

Ovulation Induction

Ovulation is process in which a woman releases an egg from ovary each month. But sometimes women fail to ovulateor ovulate irregularly, which interferes with their ability to become pregnant.

Ovulation Induction a medical treatmentfor women who do not ovulate by themselves. Follicles contains eggs and are responsible for egg release. To increase the follicles, a process of hormonal medications is used so that more eggs are produced and then fertilised by the male’s sperm.

Reasons for Non-Ovulation

Non-ovulation is the condition where there is hormonal signals disorder in the body, that mean ovulation is not occurring in its normal mode.There may bevarious reasons for non-ovulation, sometimes causes for this condition are unexplainable.

  1. Improper Function of Pituitary: Pituitary may function in the following improper ways:
    • Oligo-ovulation:An illness in which ovulation occurs rarely or on random time interval.
    • Anovulation: An illness in which ovulation does not occur at all.
    • Amenorrhoea: An illness in which a woman who used to menstruated earlier, but failed it in last six months.
  2. Obesity: Ovulation problems may also occur due to obesity, in which weight more than expect normal weight according to the age, occurs. It is observed that if a woman who does not ovulate, starts ovulating after losing weight.
  3. Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS): This is an illness where eggs that mature in ovary fail to release. This condition creates a cyst in ovary due to accumulation of unreleased eggs.
  4. Endometriosis:Endometriosis is a condition, where tissues start growing inside various organs such as fallopian tube, ovary, and uterus external surface.
  5. Anxiety:A woman who is facing emotional stress or anxiety may face a problem of non-ovulation.
  6. Malfunction in Ovary:Malfunction may lead lack of ovarian egg release. This condition may occur due to natural call of menopause.


Steps of Ovulation Induction

There are following three stages of Ovulation Induction that leads proper ovulation functionality.

1. Ovarian Stimulation

In this process, some medication such as Clomiphene Citrate is used for Ovulation Induction.

  • Clomiphene Citrate is an oral drug that is used to increase the growth of the follicles. Follicles contains the eggs in it, thus increases the possibility of more egg release.
  • If a woman failed to ovulate even after clomiphene therapy, other medications known as gonadotropins may be prescribed, either alone or in combination with clomiphene.Injections of Gonadotropins are given under the skin. This medicine is a substitute of FSH, that is a hormone in body, increases follicles. If there are positive results of given medicine, numerous follicles are formed and further leads to release of mature eggs.

2. Ovulation Control

In this step a control in ovulation is done, because in earlier step influential hormones are used that performs some considerable changes in a body. First some tests such as blood test and ultrasound are done to observe the effects of hormones in body. These tests are used to understand normal hormone levels in body and to determine date of medication initiation.

3. Egg Release – Ovulation

If the follicles are developed, the HCG through an intramuscular injection is injected in body in further process of intercourse or intra-uterine insemination (IUI).

Ovulation Induction treatment may depend on the age of women, diagnosis of problems, and the initial male semen analysis.


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