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IVF has emerged as one of the best cured for infertility. This treatment is something that has caught the attention of many couples who cannot conceive due to some reason. All thanks to the IVF that such problems can now be treated and that too in a successful manner. Gone are the times when infertility could be treated but medical science has come up with a solution and it is called IVF. A number of couples have undergone this process and really found it useful.

Though IVF is quite a good treatment but its success is something which depends on several factors. The process is same for everyone but a few still cannot enjoy parenthood. The reason can vary as it is difficult to point out what went wrong. Therefore today we will talk about all the factors which can bring down the chances of success and how you can get the best results. So let us get started.

Depression or stress – Couples tend to get depressed or stressed out when things do not work. But this is something that can have an adverse effect on the success rate of the IVF. The more positive your approach is towards the treatment, better will be the chances of success. So you need to have a positive frame of mind and stay calm. Keep yourself happy and automatically things will go in the right direction. Stay away from stress if you want to improve the chances of success.

Wrong consultation – Sometimes the couples get confused whether to consult the infertility specialist or the gynecologist. This is yet a big reason as only an infertility specialist can help you in this concern. Consulting the right specialist can make a lot of difference and that is why you need to search the best. Dr Shivani Surrogacy Clinic is one of the well-known centres that you will come across in Delhi with the specialist having 19 years of experience and a great track record. Get in touch with her to discuss your case and seek the correct advice.

Age – The later you decide to go for the treatment, lesser are the chances that you’re IVF will be successful. The chances of success are higher in case of the women below the age of 35 and as you move towards the 40 the chances start decreasing. Therefore it is necessary that you take the decision at the right time and get in touch with the doctor for the treatment.

Process not followed – Though the process is same but still your doctor can go about making a little change in the same depending on your diagnosis. Once your specialist carries out the diagnosis you will get a clear indication what is wrong and how to curb the same. So it is necessary to consult a specialist who understands everything and can offer you the right IVF process.

So the overall outcomes is that you need to get in touch with a qualified exert, have patience and follow the suggestions of your doctor to get the desired results.

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